30 November 2009

New Born BB!!!

Here is the cutie little baby gal who give her mum so much pain, and give her father so much rushing and waiting.... finally, willing to come into this world... WELCOME !!!

Wish you stay healthy and smart... most impostant is not naughty !!!

16 November 2009


Finally walk into another journey of life!!08/06/2009

Follow the traditional method,

12 January 2009

Timber Wood

Since the increase of the timber demand worldwide. Malaysia alone had create lots of fortune and wealth businessmen in this industry even illegal Log still an serious issues around the world. In 2008, timber price had increase rapidly until at certain stage, it cost more than using cement in construction. But there are still lots of people willing to spend their house make over, into wooden flooring, wood furniture, wood design in building houses. It was really nice and warm, everytime when you step into your house which you called "HOME".

Park your car under the roof!!

Arrive your door step and left all the office work behind !!

Sit back and watch your favourite TV show !!!

OR get some fresh air !!!

You can even held a party if you have enough room

to fit in all your friends !!!

18 December 2008

Camp 63

After missing for a week, finally back to base again bloging... the whole journey is about 4 hours drive 90 miles = 166 km. Thanks to the GPS, finally i able to find the actual location.

Since I never drive in such rough and slippy road before, so my collegue insist to teach me. ( My head was thinking, die lah this time! )
For beginner, 2nd gear is safe enough, 3rd gear are for those experience driver.

This part is the most steep slope during my drive. Almost got me kill in 4X4 crash due the lack of experience. Luckly i manage to stop. My collegue was laughing there and reply me : " You had learn a lesson today. "
( My Head: " Of cos lah! around 45 to 50' degree slope, lucky you still alove now." )

This place called " Camp 63" cos it located 63 miles away from town. This is where all the money at!.. the mineral water supply here is 24 hours, and !! FREE !! especially at night... the Star will cover the night sky. Thats the time we gather around fire and start bullshiting...

City people!!! Why pay for Water?
Here got plenty of water!!!

25 November 2008

Wake up early today... just wanna show face to the office staffs.--> "wah! you are early today!" :)... As usual, sibu mee for my breakfast, then preparing and waiting... and waiting... for my boss cos we need to go to camp since we plan last night...a 4x4 adventure... mission: rough road inspections, and visit sawmill factory...

Snap some photo first. the workers all look at me... and should be thinking "another city boy never see a sawmill factory before, what so special about it?".... of cos i wont stop or blame them if they think me that way... cos i believe in karma... i did that before when i work as freelance tour guide... "Huh? never see this before ah?... really? you sure? my gosh!..." now you know "what goes around, come around" ...

After some business sharing talks and business gossipping, back to office again, start thinking what to blog today.... Hai~... headache~~, no panadol! hu~ hu~ :( ... Finally, God give me another sign!!! Ha Ha Ha!..Its 3:15pm (三点三) tea break time... good stuff meant for sharing ... quickly buy "EGG TART & MARRIAGE BREAD (roti kahwin)" ... delicious... but too bad... most staff reject my offer... excuse : save it for next time but the main reason was: "scare of gain weight!" Common lah! if it is bird nest dessert, shark fin soup or abalone then.... fast fast say "Thank you very much!! Give Me 2 Plz!!!

I save my egg tart and stay back till 6:??pm, then went to a special site where i can enjoy the view of Keningau Town and eating my EGG TART!! ... too bad.. share with no one, alone all by myself, even my close buddy all are far away... so this view dedicate to all my far far away buddies and bloggers...Don't worry about safety... no one will rob you or harm you even no police patrol, cos i am inside the building compound taking this picture, place called: -----

P.S - Miss Shell : Want some EGG TART? ha ha

24 November 2008

My Breakfast!!!

Since i'm FuZhou...the "Sibu mee" definitely is my favourite. Not only me, most people from Sarawak, especially from Sibu sure love it very very much...been eating for more than 20 years and i still love the taste... My most wanted breakfast all time....yum yum!!!

Since the grow of FooZhou people in Sabah...their graving are increasing...most of the tauke who involve this, never had a chance catching flies , some even earn more $$$ and buy houses, cars, and put their children to college. Financially no problem at all!! It is a tough business...Too bad!!! i'm not interest in this business...Only the love of the taste...the secret ingredient is the "PIG OIL" dressing... HAHAHA!!!...

Sorry ah tauke...good thing is good for sharing.....Gals!! if you intend to go on diet...this is definately not for YOU!!!

Part of the reason i blog food is because i have a friend whose now working at Perth, she is a food maniac...so crazy about food...She can go high and imagine the taste...So i promise to shot some food photo and blog it as her belated birthday present...there are so much delicious food around...how am i gonna finish in one day...and dine alone most of the time...tough work and feel bad for my stomach...

Miss Shell....here is part of your belated b'day present...

18 November 2008


Logging business is quite a profitable business ( thats what people think) but when you step into it, you will find it is not as easy as you think... Want to Earn more Money??? work lah!!!

For me just wait for truck to fully loaded it took about an hour and sit there for 2 hours just for the truck to arrive... sometime wonder what the driver thinking...so lazy and dont want to finish it early rather than want people wait...

This is not illegal log...